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No Frontiers. English-speaking World (+ kassett)
 Jane Dolman, Ira Straus
VIII Klass
Lehekülgede arv: 192 lk
Värviskeem: värviline
Formaat: 22 x 29
Köide: pehme köide
Ilmumisinfo: Ilmunud 2005
ISBN: 88-468-2049-5
Kood: 3151

The English language is becoming more and more the common language across the globe, and for this reason, every country, big or small, must safeguard its own personal identity – its language, culture, life-style, traditions etc. This is why we have chosen to devote even more space to the other English-speaking countries, their literature, music, art and sports.
Designed for students at pre-intermediate level, it is rich in pictures and photos. And uses the full range of colours. The language is fairly simple and straightforward and the authentic material, taken from magazine and newspaper articles or from the net, has been carefully selected and, where necessary, simplified or summarized, with the aim of building a linguistic foundation and patrimony that is completely up-to-date.

No Frontiers provides a tour around the English-speaking world and an overview of the English language in all its forms and cultural manifestations. It is much more than just a textbook: it covers the fundamental aspects of British and American civilization, while the activities range from comprehension test to grammar exercises, guided summaries to dialogues and so on. At the end of the book, a supplementary workbook is also provided, with grammar games and puzzles and a special section containing play with the internet.