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Let Me Tell You about Estonia
by Tiiu Loko

pilt1The book speaking about Estonia, her nature, her people and their everyday lives can be used in senior grades of secondary school for teaching a special course on Estonia and is useful for preparing answers to relevant questions in an oral national examination.




English Step by Step 1
Mari Peets, Kristi Tork-Sarapuu







The English Step by Step 1. Starter Book is an oral preliminary course primer which comes with a full-colour sticker-book style workbook (the Starter Activity Book) and a CD of the book’s texts, dialogues and songs. The course continues in English Step by Step 1. Pupil’s Book (also accompanied by a workbook). The material has been designed with real-life situations in mind, and allows students to practise conversations with their teacher during lessons as well as outside the classroom. The book gives students the opportunity to master both monologue- and dialogue-based communication skills. The authors have followed the latest methods in English-language teaching to create a textbook which lays down the foundations of the learning strategies students need to study English and which favours the positive status of their voice concerning the language being taught.
The series meets the requirements of the national curriculum. Directions for teachers/parents are included at the end of the textbook as well as an overview of the entire teaching year’s study materials.


English in the Limelight, Parts 1, 2, 3

by Nora Toots and Dia Virkus








A textbook of English as a third foreign language in three parts with audiocassettes. The material has been divided by subjects into 24 units which cover one to four lessons. The textbook lays the groundwork of reading, listening and conversation skills. It is also suitable for teaching a beginner's course of English to grownups.

English-Estonian Dictionary

pilt3An up-to-date dictionary based on a dictionary published by the German Ernst Klett Verlag, containing about 40,000 words and phrases.





Estonian-English Dictionary

by Enn Veldi

psihA new, in all respects modern, dictionary for schoolchildren, students, language learners and translators that reflects usage of the 1990s. The English part of the dictionary provides both American English and British English usage.